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Fox Pneumatic - Foxolution - Distributors of Festo Products in South Africa
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Official Suppliers & Distributors for Festo South Africa

Fox Pneumatic - Distributors of Festo products in South Africa

Festo, the global leaders in Process & Automation technology, have appointed Foxolution Systems Engineering CC as approved suppliers & distributors for their comprehensive pneumatic product range in South Africa. We have the knowledge and expertise spanning decades in the field of process automation & control. Our combined experience has allowed us to develop a strong working relationship between the two companies.

As approved re-sellers, we offer their full range of products to the South African market. These include state of the art pneumatic Regulators, Cylinders, Filters, Valves, Electro Pneumatic PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers), Fittings, Tubing and much more.

Our expertise, together with Festo’s vast selection of quality pneumatic components at our disposal, allows us to provide custom engineered solutions for any application.

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Products Include

Air Service Units (Regulators, Filters, Lubricators etc)

Pneumatic Cylinders

Semi Rotary Drives

Directional Control Valves

Suction Grippers

Push In Fittings

Pneumatic Tubing

Solenoid Actuated Valves

Valve Terminals

Vacuum Generators

Inductive Sensors